MP3 Library generation for Pronto/Rio Receiver - UPDATED!

This NEW release now supports jreceiver, mock and possibly the original rio server although this has not been tested yet on both UNIX and Windows

Here on this page can be found a perl script and associated bitmaps to generate a set of panels for the pronto which lists a complete MP3 library of your music on your Rio/Dell Receivers. Theres probably not many people who would want or need this but Ive found it resolves many of the issues associated with the Rio unit. Below are some screenshots to show what I mean.

Heres the index screen and two panels for albums beginning I and S. Note that there are only 6 albums in I in this screenshot hence no navigation buttons as in the S panel.

The software

The tarball is here (8k)



Please note the script generates a device config called MP3 (which you can change by editing header.csf line 7). It contains the IR codes to ensure the entire ccf is standalone but doesnt include a complete ccf for the rio receiver including power buttons etc. This is to ensure that merging this ccf with your own doesnt cause any compatibility issues. I guess if anyone needs a complete ccf for the rio to be included in the resulting output from this software then I could help do that for you.


The icons/buttons were shamelessly stolen from gen300cd a software tool for CD jukeboxes by Andy Kromkamp

Any questions just drop me a line at